Here you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about our carved custom wood signs.

Q: When will my package arrive?
A: Your order will usually ship the next business day from Arizona via USPS Priority mail, which is 2-3 days shipping. You will receive your package 2-4 business days after ordering.

Q: What material are the signs made of?
A: Our signs are made of pressed wood.

Q: How do I clean my sign?
A: Wipe the surface with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. You may use a very small amount of pledge, but take care not to get any down in the bare carved lettering as it can cause the wood to swell.

Q: I scratched or chipped my sign. Can it be fixed?
A: If the damage is minor, you may be able to color in the bare wood scratch or chip by using a dry erase marker. For BLACK signs, use a BLACK dry erase and for FAUX CHERRY signs, use a DARK BROWN dry erase marker. The dry erase will color in the scratch or chip while wiping clean off the face of the sign. If this doesn't fix the sign to your satisfaction or the damage is too great, you would need to order a replacement.

Q: Can I get my own custom quote or saying on a sign?
A: Yes, please fill out our Custom Order Form for custom items.

Q: Can I get a custom size made?
A: No, sorry but we only have the sizes listed on our Custom Order Form.

Q: Can I get a custom color made?
A: No, sorry but we only have the colors listed on our Custom Order Form.

Q: What fonts do you have?
A: We can do ANY font. You can browse fonts at

Q: What graphics do you have?
A: We can do ANY graphic. You may email us a graphic at or request something specific and we will find it for you.

Q: Can I get my own logo or other graphic on a custom sign?
A: Yes, just email the graphic to us at and we can put it on a sign for you.

Q: Can I put my sign outdoors?
A: All our signs are for INDOOR use only.

Q: Do the signs come with a stand or easel?
A: No, easels are sold separately here: EASELS. They do come with a keyhole slot in the back for hanging.

Q: How are the letters carved into the wood?
A: With a computer controlled router.

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